Banking &Financial Services

Banking &Financial Services

Banking and financial sectors are evolving with changes made in the regulations. Banks are also facing numerous challenges with customers demanding for personalized experiences. While aiming for customer satisfaction, banks look for cutting costs, reducing risks, retaining customers and minimizing losses while complying with the changing regulations and laws. Zeta Analytics’ data analytics service specializes in data driven business strategies for an overall range of financial products including liability and asset products and wealth management products.

Attain Significant Business Outcomes

Our approach towards big data assists organizations in attaining sustained and significant business outcomes with the utilization of deep domain expertise and operations redesign methodologies. Our approach also includes analytics and insights, robotic process automation, business process management and business process as service models.

Services We Provide

Zeta Analytics provides bespoke analytics solutions across customer lifecycle in corporate banking, retail banking, capital markets and investment banking. Our analytics service cover the whole value chain including

  • Reporting
  • Data management
  • Predictive analysis
  • Decision management
  • Optimization

Financial Insights

Financial insights services help banks to manage cash flows, expenditure and investments wisely. These services uncover insights, which help at better financial planning and control.

Risk Analytics

Risk analytics services help banks for managing risk efficiently by making risk-aware decisions and minimizing fraud and credit losses. These services offer financial institutions with timely regulatory reporting and compliance and end-to-end support accurately.

Customer Analytics

This service offers valuable insights of customer behavior and helps organizations to develop bespoke products, personalized engagement, develop relevant financial models and mitigate fraud through transaction pattern analysis.

Sales and Marketing Analytics

This service helps organizations at improving campaign effectiveness and retail delivery. The process is conducted by determining new pricing opportunities, studying channel profitability and devising effective promotions for improving marketing ROI.

By partnering with Zeta Analytics, you can aim for an increase in receivables through recovery and collection. Significant savings can be attained by minimizing credit losses through loss forecasting and credit scoring.


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