Zeta Analytics is a disruptive healthcare data management and decision support company. Our data analytics solution for healthcare process millions of records to help thousands of healthcare professionals working for accountable care organizations, health information exchanges, medical homes, clinics and hospitals.

Get Up-to-Date Clinical information

Zeta Analytics’ healthcare analytics module is a medical decision support tool, which provides healthcare organizations with interactive graphical charts. This, in turn, helps healthcare professionals to drill down to specific patient data behind results quickly. The healthcare analytics module provides up-to-date clinical information through OLAP powered reporting tools that improve patient outcomes, reduce the overall cost of healthcare and ensure compliance with guidelines.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

One of the hurdles linked with data analytics in healthcare is accessing data. Many solutions address structured data only which is accessible readily and doing so, leaves out critical content found within historically charted data, EHR notes field, radiology notes, transcriptions and more. Zeta Analytics deploys all data that are housed throughout a healthcare system and presents the same to interact through healthcare analytics module for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Generate Complex Report View

Nowadays, many solutions deploy healthcare data stores and focus on a set of pre-canned reports that help fast access to data. Zeta Analytics utilize patented indexing and search engine for enabling multi-step or complex ad hoc queries and reports to be run in real time and displayed through Zeta Analytics’ interactive graphs and charts.

Data Indexing and Storage

Indexing both the transformed and raw data stores, Zeta Analytics’ foundation modules help at leveraging organization’s patented indexing technology for producing the complete code mapping and indexing that contribute to disruptive speed experienced by clients reporting of results and query.

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