Telecommunication industries

Telecommunication industries

Telcos always look to reap the advantage of increased usage of telecommunication services and products. The advent of social media and evolving customer preferences have heightened the importance of data-based insights that help in improved decision making. Leveraging analytics services for telecom sector from Zeta Analytics improve the visibility of core operations, enhance customer communication and offer insightful information on market trends.

Get the Valued Business Insights

Our analytics services allow you to stay on top of the changing dynamics of the telecom industry. Our data analysis experts offer key business insights that are based on business performance and customer behavior for driving revenue growth, improving customer engagement strategy and optimizing operating costs.

Build Customer Centric Framework

Zeta Analytics helps telcos in building robust customer-centric framework that runs on data-driven insights. Our advanced big data analytics services allow you in acquiring in-depth knowledge of customer’s behavior, sentiments and requirements for driving effective campaigns, ascertaining the customer lifetime value and providing superior customer service. We utilize our vast expertise across the telecom value chain on your behalf for increasing sales, reducing churn and fraud, decreasing operational cost and improving risk management.

Solutions Available

Our basket of solutions include

  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Risk analytics
  • Network analytics
  • Social media analytics

Sales and Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing analytics services improve return on marketing investments optimizing campaign management, marketing spends, up sell and cross sell strategies and profitability.

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics service enhances customer satisfaction by segmenting and profiling customers. This service also helps you to understand social media behavior, analyze service performance and improving demand forecasting accuracy.

Supply Chain Analytics

This service offers insights for improving forecasting accuracy and optimizing supply chain and inventory management.

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