Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Most of the organizations face challenges while aiming to provide seamless customer experience in the digital world. Nowadays, customers expect personalized services without compromise. They also demand that service providers educate and inform them irrespective of the channel select to use. The decision to become customer centric plays a pivotal role in providing better customer experience across all channels and providing value across the customer experience cycle. Big data analytics helps organizations offer better customer experience and we, the Zeta Analytics team accompany, you to attain that goal.

Make Profitable Business Decisions

Developing a powerful customer value proposition requires understanding customer preferences, behavior, and needs along with service or product life cycle and attaching them with past behavior and ongoing operational transactions.

Zeta Analytics allows you in leveraging customer data on buying patterns, feedback preferences, inquiries, wish lists, etc. for generating customer insights in real time. Our big data analytics service


  • Improves customer retention
  • Offers seamless customer experience across channels and products
  • Launch successful loyalty programs
  • Boost profitability through enhanced customer targeting with up or cross-selling
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Development of new products

Get Actionable Business Insights

Zeta Analytics’ big data analytics service puts in place and processes data, visualizations and analytics tools that enhance the quality and reliability of insights. Our team helps you improve business results through data-driven decisions.

Our big data analytics service is data discovery approaches. We provide real-time analytical information and prescriptive or predictive models for facilitating better decision making. The underlying principle of our service is the usage of data events which produce semantic information based on patterns or rules to identify events of importance. The data layer generated acts as the driving force of analytics platform.

Whatever big data challenge you are facing, we will help you to succeed with the right strategic guidance.


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