Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

For several years, Zeta Analytics has been assisting organizations to create tailored data solutions for improving their business. Technologies have evolved and Zeta Analytics has become successful in holding the cutting-edge position by providing advanced business intelligence solutions to its clients.

Get Proven Business Intelligence Solutions

Our company houses experienced analysts, talented data architects and exceptional engineers who are adept in using various business intelligence tools. Our business intelligence practice has been growing stronger every year.

Business Intelligence Services We Offer

We are on constant research in the area of business intelligence. Based on the inputs collected from our clients, we have designed services that cater to


  • ETL
  • Data integration and management
  • Data filtering and cleansing
  • Mobile business analytics solutions
  • Business analytics dashboards
  • Business activity monitoring and reporting

Zeta Analytics’ simplified, modern and interactive approach empowers your business to access, discover and blend all sizes and types of data. By using advanced analytics including basic reporting and predictive modeling, users can visualize and analyze data across multiple dimensions.

Responsive and Graphical Dashboards

Our interactive dashboards provide business users with important performance indicators in a highly graphical visual suite for improving organizational performance.

Our team incorporates web-based drag and drop design that offers filter controls and rich navigation facilities. Our custom-built dashboards are uniquely designed for your business growth.

Reporting Solutions

Our reporting capabilities vary vastly and cover self-service interactive reporting and highly formatted enterprise reporting. Our reporting solutions are based intuitive web-based interactive. Outputs can be attained in popular formats including Excel, HTML, RTF, PDF and CSV. The reporting tools feature in-memory caching that offers swift outcomes.

In order to grow your business, you need to know how your resources are utilized. We can help you analyze various factors leading to an enhanced business performance with business intelligence solutions. Call us today.


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