Data Governance

Data Governance

Holistic data governance means that you are managing data completely across architectural, organizational and political silos in your organization. This requires an aligning process, people, technology and policy for ensuring the delivery of secure data to minimize the cost of running a business, meet industry regulations and build revenue. Zeta Analytics can help your business emerge as growth engine with data governance services.

Governance Catalysts

Many catalysts can make your business follow the path of data governance. Data related compliance deadlines can act as a driving force in highly regulated industries.

You may invest in data governance activities for supporting your business growth objectives, improving cross and up selling, treating data as an asset for gaining competitive advantage or increasing customer retention. You can use data governance as a critical opportunity for reducing costs and improving business efficiencies, supporting bottom line objectives or optimizing the complex process of ongoing acquisitions and mergers.

Data governance helps you optimize the business value from your data regardless of your industry. Effective data governance ensures data quality regardless of where the data resides.

Our Data Governance Offerings

Zeta Analytics supports data governance practices with:

Consistent Policy Application

Zeta Analytics enables data stewards for defining data governance rules, policies and standards. The trust generated is applied across the enterprise consistently to improve agility and effectiveness.


Our data governance solution ensures that business users, data stewards and IT team govern policies, data processes and standards across the organization in one platform. This leads to the elimination of silos.

Product Innovation

Zeta Analytics practices what it suggests to clients. Our thought leadership and best practices help clients attain customer success. These factors are directly linked to the innovations and capabilities that are delivered throughout our platform.

The goal of data governance is to see whether the data delivers business value. To know more regarding our data governance service, contact us today.


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